Predict, Detect, and Analyze Vehicle Malfunctions and Optimize Fleet Operations

vInsight™ is SafeRide’s industry leading AI-based Vehicle Health Management (VHM) & Fleet Analytics platform for OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, aftermarket telematics vendors, and fleets. The vInsight platform includes a VHM development tool, an in-vehicle inference engine, and an AI-based data analytics solution for commercial fleets.

vInsight Truck with vInsight Fleet with Wider Cloud


vInsight™ Developer is SafeRide’s VHM development tool that enables customers to develop, train, optimize, test, and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for VHM. vInsight Developer can generate compressed and optimized models for embedded deployment onboard vehicles.


vInsight™ Edge is SafeRide’s embedded VHM runtime engine that is designed for gateway modules, domain controllers, and telematics modules. The vInsight Edge runtime engine enables real-time inferencing using the trained VHM algorithms created by vInsight Developer.


vInsight™ Fleet is SafeRide’s AI-based data analytics software for commercial fleets. It integrates with existing telematics and fleet management solutions using open APIs and provides fleet managers with unprecedented predictive capabilities and operational insights.

& Models

vInsight™ offers a rich library of production grade models and design templates for major vehicle systems such as engine, transmission, emission, braking, battery management, and more. Customer can also provide or create their own models using the platform.

Enable Efficient Development and Deployment of AI-based
Integrated VHM Solutions in Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

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AutoML Technology

Enables automotive engineers to build AI-based solutions quickly with little AI expertise.

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Accelerate Design

Provides a rich library of models & algorithms. Uses unsupervised deep learning technology.

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Combines deep learning with physics and domain expertise.

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Optimized for Edge

Uses minimal computing resources and executes code very efficiently onboard the vehicle.

vInsight™ Videos

vInsight™️ Fleet — Providing Predictive Capabilities and Operational Insights Across Vehicle Fleets

vInsight™ Part 1 — Enabling Vehicle Health Management Beyond Diagnostic Monitors

vInsight™ Part 2 — Developing Deep Learning Based Vehicle Health Management Solutions

vInsight™ Part 3 — Deploying Deep Learning Based Vehicle Health Management Solutions at the Edge

vInsight™ Part 4 — Demonstrating the Design, Deployment, and Performance of an Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor

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