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SafeRide Releases vInsight™ Fleet, a Deep Learning Data Analytics Solution for Commercial Fleets

Today SafeRide Technologies released vInsight™ Fleet, an AI-based data analytics solution for commercial fleets and new addition to our vInsight™ Vehicle Health Management (VHM) platform. The vInsight platform also includes the vInsight™ Developer tool, which enables customers to create AI-based VHM algorithms, and the vInsight™ Edge embedded inferencing engine, which enables efficient execution of vehicle health monitors onboard the vehicle.

vInsight Fleet uses state-of-the art machine learning and deep learning technology to learn the complex relationships between multiple contributing factors within the vehicle and across the fleet by utilizing telematics data and vehicle health indicators that are proactively generated by the vInsight platform.  The AI identifies and isolates factors that impact operational efficiency, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs. SafeRide’s AI technology advances fleet management with predictive capabilities and operational insights that were not available before. It helps reduce maintenance costs, minimize diagnostic and repair time, optimize fuel consumption, mitigate roadside repairs, and minimize downtime.

vInsight Fleet integrates with telematics and fleet management solutions using open APIs, which enable the use of data from multiple sources and the delivery of insights to each fleet’s preferred management system. The vInsight Fleet software can run on public or private cloud or on premises.

SafeRide is demonstrating the vInsight Fleet solution this week at the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council Fall Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio.

To learn more about vInsight Fleet, click here to read the press release or here watch our vInsight Fleet video.

To learn more about the vInsight platform, click here to download the brochure.

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