Questar - Breaking the Speed of Knowledge

Introducing Questar Auto Technologies

We are excited to announce that following the merger of Traffilog and SafeRide Technologies, we have decided to create our new brand together: Questar!

The new brand reflects the revolution our company is bringing to the automotive industry: Cutting-edge AI technology changing the common belief we hold towards prediction.

“Questar has taken SafeRide’s AI and deep learning capabilities and paired them with Traffilog’s data collection and management capabilities, as well as its strong customer-base, to create an AI-driven prediction platform that will transform vehicle data into high-value, actionable insights for automakers, suppliers and fleets,” said Erez Lorber, CEO of Questar. “Questar is a one-stop-shop offering everything that the automotive ecosystem needs to convert vehicle data into actionable insights.”

Check out our new website to read more about what we do:

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