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Sys Admin

Rosh Ha'ayin

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Description :

We are looking for an experienced IT Manger for the purpose of creating, maintaining and managing the Production infrastructure and working side by side with the development teams throughout the development life cycle.

Working with the most advanced cutting-edge technologies and in AWS.

Full-time work at Park Afek in Rosh HaAyin.





About 5 years of experience in managing IT and / or similar positions.

Experience working with Linux and windows operating systems at the sysadmin level, including installations and troubleshooting - required.

Experience working with communication systems, routers, switches - required

Experience in AWS - required.

Familiarity and control of Exchange / office 365 / Active directory systems - required

Experience working with Sophos \ Forti systems - a significant advantage

Experience working with node / web servers -/ Python - a significant advantage.

Experience working with ZABBIX - a significant advantage.

Experience in developing CI / CD processes - an advantage.

Experience working with GIT - an advantage.

Experience with methods for continuous integration (CI): JENKINS, Terraform - an advantage.


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