SafeRide and Traffilog are now Questar – The Leading Provider of AI-Driven Automotive Solutions that Convert Vehicle Data into Actionable Insights

Driving Data to Insights

Vehicle Health Management, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity Solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicle Health Management & Fleet Analytics

SafeRide Technologies offers AI-based vehicle health management and fleet analytics solutions that predict, detect, and analyze vehicle malfunctions and performance degradations and provide valuable insights that help reduce the total cost of ownership of vehicles and increase their operational efficiency. By using our deep learning technology, our customers can reduce warranty claims, recalls, maintenance, and downtime costs, minimize diagnostics and repair time, optimize fuel consumption, and eliminate on-road repairs.

Engine Health Monitoring

Transmission Monitoring

Battery Life Monitoring

Brake Health Monitoring

Steering Health Monitoring

Fuel Efficiency & Consumption

Vehicle Health Management & Fleet Analytics


SafeRide Technologies developed vInsight™, a deep learning Vehicle Health Management & Fleet Analytics platform, to enable automotive engineers and fleet managers to quickly build custom AI solutions. vInsight has many advanced vehicle health management and fleet analytics capabilities, such as providing early indicators of faults, detecting and diagnosing unforeseen failure modes, prognosing future vehicle health issues, detecting performance degradation, increasing fleet operational efficiency, providing root cause analyses, reducing diagnostic repair time, estimating the remaining useful life of components, and reducing overall cost of ownership.

Data Optimization

CAN Optimizer

CAN Optimizer is SafeRide technologies machine learning compression and optimization software solution for CAN data. Storing and delivering in-vehicle data to the cloud can be a complex process with connected and autonomous vehicles. CAN Optimizer efficiently delivers data to the cloud at an impressive compression rate while also providing major cost savings.



SafeRide Technologies is the provider of vSentry™, an industry leading cybersecurity solution for connected and autonomous vehicles. vSentry™ provides a multi-layer defense against cyberattacks and future-proof security by combining a state-of-the-art deterministic security solution with groundbreaking AI profiling and anomaly detection technology.


Who We Are

SafeRide Technologies utilizes AI and deep learning technology to provide early detection and prevention solutions for autonomous and connected vehicles. Our mission is to provide data analytics and insights to the automotive industry that help to enable financial gain, avoid financial damage, prevent reputation loss, and save lives.

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